A Streetcar Named Desire

24 in x 42 in - 2012

The rustling of the autumn leaves can be heard from the painting. The landscape painting is very desirable to the eyes. Not much is going on in the photo. Just an image of a streetcar on the railway heading to its rightful destination. And yet, it looks very dramatic and unique. There is something about the quietness in this side of the city that makes it very endearing. It is easy to get lost in thought just by staring at the painting. It is such a lovely home decoration to hang in the living room where plenty of sunlight can make it look more radiant and inviting. This fall painting is guaranteed to liven up the energy of the room.

Artist Proof
Giclee embellished and signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
24" x 42" Giclee 15 Total $1,900
Signed and Numbered
Giclee signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
24 x 42" Giclee 50 Total $900
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