Silent Evening

26 in x 34 in - 2014

This beautiful piece of art is positively oozing with quiet elegance. The riverside homes featured in the painting are handsomely crafted. The colors used complement one another. From the colors of the sky up to the rooftops and walls of the houses. The addition of plants on both sides of the painting is quite a good move by the artist. The touch of nature made the painting more pleasing to the eyes. The bridge lights also contributed to the charm. This hyperrealism painting is a versatile work-of-art. Not only will it level up the design of any room, it can also improve the coziness factor by a few notches. Its warmth, appeal, and style will definitely make any house a home.

Artist Proof
Giclee embellished and signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
26" x 34" Giclee 40 Total $3,400
Signed and Numbered
Giclee signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
26" x 34" Giclee 100 Total $1,700
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