Twilight Reflection

24 in x 32 in - 2013

In this painting, you may observe the soft glow of the moon at the heavens making you feel more relaxed than ever. The reflection of the sky and also the houses appear on the calm river. Two people walk down the road directed by orange lights as a lone bicycle strikes the bridge hoping to get home before it gets even darker. You can find people just chilling at the river cafe beside the bridge telling each other about how their day went and sharing stories over a cup of hot coffee. There are spacious open windows which are on the second floor of the cafe, maybe someone probably wanted to get a whiff of the cool breeze. "Twilight Reflection" is really a beautiful cityscape painting to add to your room.

Artist Proof
Giclee embellished and signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
24" x 32" Giclee 50 Total $2,900
Signed and Numbered
Giclee signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
24" x 32" Giclee 180 Total $1,400
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