First Stop

26 in x 40 in - 2014

"First Stop" is really a timeless painting which will certainly hit you at the feels. Only yesterday you're changing their diapers and the second they're already going to college! Looking at this painting of a school bus awaiting a child to jump on inside, you begin to recall what it was like having your child get ready for college. You wake in the early hours of the morning and prepare their dishes, making certain they have a well-balanced meal to help keep them healthy through the day. As you bid your child farewell in the bus stop, you think of what you're going to do while waiting for them to come home. But first, you pray to your child's safety on the way to school.

Artist Proof
Giclee embellished and signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
26" x 40" Giclee 20 Total $2,100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
26" x 40" Giclee 100 Total $1,000
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