Prague Cafe

13 in x 9 in - 2015

Friends are hanging out and having deep discussions on virtually whatever springs to mind. Having a cup of warm coffee in the hand to help keep us warm out of the cold night wind. The chairs and tables outside the cafe allow you find the skies overhead and you could practically watch the stars through the gray clouds. The street lights offer added light to direct passersby walking through the darkened streets. This gorgeous painting of Prague in the night requires you to a calm place that causes you to feel serene. As you look at the cafe sign, sip that cup of coffee and envision being in this quaint, small Prague cafe and enjoy the evening.

Artist Proof
Giclee embellished and signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
13" x 9" Giclee 100 Total $1,200
Signed and Numbered
Giclee signed by the Artist and numbered by Publisher
13" x 9" Giclee 200 Total $720
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